New Meetup in Munich (actually Garching) on the 2th August 2022

We are trying to bootstrap a new NixOS meetup in Munich.
Me and @DavHau are meeting up in Informatics Department of TU Munich (Google Maps).
You can reach this from Munich with the U6 (and your 9 Euro-Ticket :))
We will start at 18:00 on the 2th August in on the first floor in room 01.07.058.
If we catch enough interest we can make this a more regular event and also in possible other locations.

More information on how to get into the building closer to the date.
If you are interested in coming as well, please leave a comment here.


Nice! Noted and I’ll try to be there :slight_smile:

I’m not in Munich next week, but I’ll definitely come another time

I’ll try to come. Would be cool to make this a regular thing.

Regarding getting in, you might someone to let you into the building since you are not a university member.
Please drop a message in this matrix channel and ping Mic92 there and I will come to the door.
I am also on IRC as Mic92 in hackint in #nixos → You can go to this link to contact me via IRC without prior signup.

11 people joint for the first meetup. I am impressed!

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Next meetup planned: Munich NixOS meetup on the 6th October 2022 (18:30)

Next meetup planned: NixOS Meetup in Munich (actually Garching) on the 18th November 2022

In case you need help coming in, leave a message here.