New to NixOS and I have a question

I’m new to NixOS and have been using it less than a week. I am surprised how fun I have been having with figuring out NixOS since the different way of doing things. I do have one question, with Arch and Fedora I would get a new kernel update once every few days, but as far as I can tell I haven’t had a kernel update since I installed my NixOS installation, my system is currently running the 6.6.32 kernel. I’m using the unstable channel and I use nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade to update my system, as I found that in the documentation to be used for updating. Am I missing something or am I just too impatient?

The workflow should be fine. 6.6.32 was also the latest lts kernel until yesterday (6.6.33 was released yesterday). The PR in nixpkgs for that should be

And it should land in the next channel bump (and is already in nixos-unstable-small)
See the following link to track the PRs status

Thanks for the explanation! Are there any useful websites to bookmark when it comes to checking information about updates?
For general channel overview

Hydra (CI Software that nixos uses)

beside that it could be worth to check the github repos prs.
If you are super interested in updates you could also add yourself as maintainer of those packages you are interested, then you will automatically receive review requests.

But I also want to be clear, for normal workflows, so when you just want to use nixos, likely none of those is needed, but in such cases it might also be reasonable to switch to a stable release (which happens twice a year), so that you don’t have to bother with breaking changes.


In addition to @Shawn8901’s replies, I strongly suggest you look at Linux kernel - NixOS Wiki if you haven’t done so yet—it’s cool and fun stuff to learn!

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Thanks! I did come across that and configured my system to use the latest now. I actually ran into another problem which was also the reason why I wasn’t getting normal kernel or package updates. So yes there is still lots of stuff for me to learn about NixOS :slight_smile:

I’ll share the link here in case someone else with the same problem comes across this topic as well.