Nextcloud Client entries showing twice in Nautilus

I installed nextcloud-client through home-manager, but the entries are shown twice in Nautilus:

What can I do to fix this? According to this thread on the Nextcloud forums it’s because of the Implements=org.freedesktop.CloudProviders part in the desktop file, however I am unable to replicate that by copying the file to my home and launching the modified desktop file.

See also Nextcloud Shortcuts & Icons in Nautilus - #2 by jtojnar

Launching the file probably will not help you but restarting Nautilus should. Make sure the Nautilus process exited, Nautilus will keep running for a bit until the last window closed.

Thought Nextcloud Client has already been updated to a version that was supposed to fix it. Make sure you update your system and you should not need the workaround.

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That’s good to know. I’m on 23.11 though, so I’ll have to wait until 24.05