Nix 20th - The Nix Recap (help wanted)

Happy 20 Years! - The Nix Recap

TL;DR - What would you like to see/add into a 20 year recap post celebrating Nix and it’s history?
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One of the final pieces to celebrate 20 years of Nix is putting together a 20 year recap. The goal is to cover some of the key highlights of our history and provide a glimpse into Nix today to share with everyone.This is most likely an impossible task (20 years!) however if there’s a chance to get it slightly right its by getting the diverse perspective from as many folks in the community as possible.

Initial Ideas for Topics (Please add more or add things to go under a topic!)

  • A few words about Nix for those that are new or where to find info
  • The Powers of Nix
  • History and Where it all Started
  • Key Events and Milestones
  • Nix Today - Where is it used, how to use it, how to jump in!
  • The Nix Community - Teams, groups, where to connect, all the meetups, and of course NixCon
  • Some Beautiful Stats

The Marketing Team, foundation and Nix 20th Anniversary Group (join matrix here) will be working on things so feel free to join!
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