Nix 20th Anniversary - March of Nix

March of Nix - 20th Anniversary

Who’s counting? It seems we might have reached the ripe young age of 20 years (in March 2023)!

This is an insane milestone, among mountains of milestones that have been achieved by the community ever since Nix took its first breath and whispered “reproducibility…”.

We want to make this occasion the big, make March, a March of Nix. To do this we are creating a Nix 20th Taskforce where we can work together on shipping as much Nix as possible to as many eyeballs. If you want to join, please ping @garbas , @bjth or myself (@ron - either here or on Matrix! Otherwise, please share ideas we can look into and feedback here in the thread.

Initial ideas floating around

  • Main article/blog post on everything Nix and the past 20 years - work to get this out to other major outlets
  • Nix meetups throughout March (with Pizza) in as many cities around the world as possible - focused on also being a welcoming point for folks that are new or exploring
  • Virtual talks throughout March

@garbas, @bjth, @edolstra, @regnat, @grahamc, @armijn, @domenkozar, @ron, @tomberek, @RaitoBezarius


@ron Count me in! Happy to work on arranging an in person and/or virtual event for Silicon Valley Nix / NixOS User Group Meetup.

Let me know how I can help. Look forward to catching up in January like we discussed offline. We can talk more about this then too.


I can organize a few spots to host us here in California/Bay Area.
Tagging @fzakaria as well :slight_smile:

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