Nix 20th - Global Nix Meetups!

As part of our general effort to strengthen the Nix community and spread knowledge of Nix to both experienced and new users, we are launching the Global Nix Meetup initiative. Nix 20th Anniversary - March of Nix - Announcements - NixOS Discourse

To do so, we are starting a thread to help community members interested in joining a meetup indicate the city most relevant to them. This will also help those interested in organizing to see if there is enough interest to get something going.

What you need to do:

  • Interested in participating? Comment on or like any cities/hubs where if a meetup was organized, you would attend!
  • Interested in organizing? Comment the city and say you want to organize.

The foundation has also started a grant/funding program that will directly support these meetups!


Is anyone else from Michigan?

I could attend an in-person event near Detroit, MI, or Chicago, IL.


Alternatively, since the midwestern US is quite a broad place, perhaps there would be interest in an online event.


I would be happy to attend and get to know some nixers in Spain


Tel Aviv, Israel. Anyone? Open to participation and organizing.

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Still waiting to confirm some details, but there will be a small gathering in Vienna, Austria! Feel free to message me here or on matrix if interested :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is now confirmed, see 20 years of Nix(OS) – Metalab Wiki


Adding another occurrence besides our monthly meetup:
Germany - Stuttgart - 2023-03-11 nixparty
Germany - Backnang - 2023-03-12 nixparty

Open to organizing an in-person event in Las Vegas.


I’d be able to attend pretty much anywhere in the Netherlands. I’d be able to help organizing in Groningen.

Interested organising a meetup in Hamburg, Germany.

Actually there will be two:


I’m in northeast Ohio. Would be willing to drive anywhere within a few hours, including Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Columbus.

Otherwise a virtual event would work too.


Will be willing to attend anywhere in Amsterdam, Utrecht and other places in randstad, Netherlands.
I would also be willing to organize a meetup in our office (Veenendaal Utrecht)


Washington DC - or elsewhere in the DMV area…


Anyone interested from Slovakia or neighbour countries?

@imincik See above for our meetup in Vienna, so pretty close to Slovakia - esp Bratislava. We are going to talk English if there’s someone who doesn’t speak German :slight_smile:

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@Arsleust is hosting a meetup on March 22 in Paris

Anyone in Helsinki? Let’s rent a sauna :rofl:


if there are any Nixers in the PNW, United States of America - mainly Seattle, WA we could maybe dial in virtually to an actual cool event held elsewhere

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Planning to organize an in-person event in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley

Will announce it here as well as on our meetup page.

Going to be working with @ron @fzakaria and others to choose a date and venue before announcing details.

In addition to indicating you will be attending here, do let me know if you would be able to do a talk or lightening talk at the event.

Excited for this all. Thanks @ron and others involved for putting this together.

Hosted by Flying Circus.