Nix meetup in Stockholm, Sweden

Is there anyone in the Stockholm area who is interested in a Nix meetup?

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I would attend if there’s a meetup in Stockholm!

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I might as well :slight_smile: Always good to have an excuse to visit

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I would attend for a Stockholm meeting!

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I am interested too!

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Sounds like we have small crowd here. :tada:
We kick it off with a beer somewhere in Stockholm city.

Any suggestion regarding time and place?

Tuesdays or Thursdays work best for me. Any place that is not too crowded, in the city, would work. Perhaps a hotel bar such as Scandic Grand Central or Scandic Continental? But open to any suggestions.

Hi, I would also like to come, I’m currently studying Cardano blockchain Plutus Smart Contracts and we are using nix in the course, will be fun to meet up! Weekends are best for me but I can be flexible.

It’s a bit of a trip for me, so don’t schedule on my behalf – I’ll make it if I can. :slight_smile: (It would help to have a lot of advance notice)

I would also prefer Tuesdays or Thursdays. How about October 19th at around 19:00? @claes I think your suggestions regarding a place sounds good.

October 19th works for me!

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I’m also potentially interested.