NixCon 2020 meeting notes #7

with @qyliss @puckipedia @7c6f434c


@puckipedia and @qyliss have been working diligently on this. The sense is that it’s mostly ready.

Last week they tested the broadcast setup with @zimbatm help streaming NixFriday.

Latency is an ever-present issue; last week was around ~30s. Puck has since decreased that (currently ~15s). The plan is to utilize larger (and more) systems for the conference itself, which is expected to provide better performance and quality characteristics.

There is an issue with the 1080p stream, which Puck is investigating.

@puckipedia, @edef, @qyliss, I need to thank you all again for all of your hard work on the streaming setup. It’s really coming together nicely.

How will Q&A work?

The standard format is 20 minutes talk, 5 minutes Q&A. That Q&A portion will involve asking questions in IRC, where the NixCon moderator will be present. They will consolidate questions, rephrase for clarity as necessary, send to our emcee who will ask the speaker.

Speakers: the ideal format is if you can pre-record your talk. In this case, you could answer questions during the talk in chat, and then we can switch to your webcam feed for the Q&A portion. (Of course, streaming a webcam feed is not mandatory, if you do not wish to do so.)


We’re running through a test session for the critical parts of one time-block.

Details are in the previous thread: NixCon 2020 meeting notes #6.


The test rehearsal went off okay, and we uncovered some things to resolve.

On the good side, the initial stream latency was quite low (~6s), after @puckipedia recent changes.

These test systems are not exactly what is planned to run the actual event, and they were not up to the task. Suffice it to say that throwing hardware at the problem is part of the answer.

NixCon Rehearsal #2

We’re planning another test session next week. 2020-10-12T16:00:00Z

This will allow some time to gather some new data and adjusting the infrastructure.

CC @7c6f434c @edef @hugolgst @qyliss

Double thanks to everyone who is putting hard work into this event!

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Will not attend, unless it is epically long and ends up still going by the time my another meeting ends (probably an hour later). Would it be of any use to pre-record something with me actually wildly gesticulating in full-screen in addition to the «perfectly easy to transcode» prerecorded video?