NixCon 2020 Meeting Notes - September 1, 2020

We’re getting closer to NixCon!

Today was @edef, me, @puckipedia, and @qyliss.

I’m going to be more brief than normal. If you’re curious about the details, ask away, or join us in #nixcon on Freenode.

Dash.js – demoed stream playback in a browser on the conf website

Streaming architecture

Survey is live. Please see NixCon 2020 Pre-Event Survey to find out more on that.

Previously I made a decision to increase the sponsor tier prices. In the end, this was the wrong decision. Any reactions to that are on me. I did not intend harm by it and I’m sorry.

So the previous year’s tier prices will remain the same.

We’re changing up the perks a bit as described here: CryptPad and I really need to get this content included on the website.

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