NixCon 2020 Pre-Event Survey

The NixCon 2020 survey is live!

The intent is to gather data so that the organizers can make better decisions.

It is short. Please take a moment and fill it out. Thank you!


Getting some questions and concerns in IRC. I’ll try to capture their essence here.

Q. Why is it immediately asking to register with name/email information?
A. The registration is with, a company paid to host the LimeSurvey software. So your registration details are going to that company, which claims to be GDPR compliant.

The survey itself is set to be anonymous. Once a survey is published, that setting cannot be changed. The setting means that I, as the administrator of that survey, will not be given data about respondents. Additionally, it is set to run in the legal context of Germany.

If you do complete the registration and proceed to the survey, you’ll see the data policy, which I will copy/paste here:

This survey is anonymized. Please do not enter personally identifiable or private information into this survey. IANAL but by responding, you should consider your responses to be able to be shared and reused under the ‘CC BY 4.0’ license.

Statistical data will be published and available to the NixOS community.

Individual responses (including long-form text responses) will not be published at this time. Rights are reserved to potentially publish if it is determined that this action is acceptable . And at the very least, if they were to be published If PII data is entered into a text box, it will be removed from the data before publishing.

Editor’s note. I am trying to follow guidelines similar to what is brewing for the community survey (link in here): Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #8 and #9. If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact me (Nick Bathum) at

Additionally, I’m looking at whether requiring registration can be disabled, and how to do that. If anyone knows, please let me know.

The timezone question intends to ask which timezone you will participate in;
Conference dates: October 16th-18th 2020

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