NixCon 2022 - Location Details + More

We are excited to announce the largest Nix gathering of the year will be hosted at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

Formal Address: 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris 5E

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Many thanks to everyone that is working hard to make this happen!

Other Updates

  • Talk submissions closed yesterday with over 50 speakers; we will begin the selection process over the next two weeks. We will start giving spoilers about the talks you can expect as well!

  • Ticket sales will be launching soon. Subscribe to the NixCon Matrix channel for updates!

  • Over a dozen sponsors have come forward to support the NixCon event. We are excited to share their participation with you. If you are interested please reach out or see here for opportunities. You can also cross share our posts about it! (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Interested in helping support NixCon? Get involved and join the group of +30 volunteers. Introduce yourself on the NixCon 2022 Volunteer Matrix channel

  • Logo, coming soon :wink: @minijackson

NixCon Details:

When: Thursday October 20th 2022 - Friday October 21st 2022 + Hackathon on Saturday October 22nd

Where: Paris, France (Ecole Normale Supérieure 100-200 attendees + online attendance options)


Anybody forgot how to (book) travel or is it just me? :laughing:


Need to check where the nearest travel agency is…

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I submitted to the CTP and I’m wondering when acceptance/rejection emails will go out on it: I don’t seem to have received anything about the outcome of the selection process for my talk. Are proposals still under review?

This post says that the selection process will be “begun”, but I’d love clarification on what to expect.



Still no news for acceptance/rejection of talks… and NixCon tickets are on sale. 🫠

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🫠 indeed. I promise I will give you an update tomorrow.


Finally reviewed! We had a lot of submissions this year, and it took us a while to filter through the excellent vs good submissions.


For those like me who didn’t find where the submissions status were shared, it’s simply on your proposals status page Login :: NixCon 2022 :: pretalx

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Since there was a discussion on the Matrix channel about it, here is some information about local transit options in Paris around NixCon.

Public transit apps:

  • CityMapper is in my personal experience the best transit app for Paris (it’s pretty much the only one that’s accurate for bus times). It also features most ride-sharing, e-scooter, shared bikes, etc.
  • IDF Mobilités is one of the official apps (it’s complicated), works okay.
  • Google Maps is pretty good, but don’t believe it if it tells you to take a bus, its estimates of bus transit times are way too optimistic.

NixCon takes place at 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris. The closest RER (suburban rail)/metro stations are:

  • Metro 7 stop Censier-Daubenton (~5min walk)
  • RER B stop Luxembourg (~10min walk)
  • Metro 10 stop Cardinal-Lemoine
    In addition, the area is very well-served by many bus lines.

Coming from airports: I recommend taking public transit, unless there is a disruption. Disruptions will be announced at the airport but you’re better off checking CityMapper.

  • From CDG, take RER B.
  • From ORY, take OrlyBus to Denfert-Rochereau, then it’s a 15min walk (or connect to RER B for one stop)

Taxi options:

  • Official cabs offer flat fares between Paris and the airports. NixCon takes place on the left bank, so that’s 58€ to/from CDG, 32€ to/from ORY.
  • multiple ride-hailing apps operate here, prices may vary. Uber & Bolt are the main ones, CaoCao and Freenow are also available.
  • Airport shuttle services exist, but I have no experience with them. Paris hotels typically do not offer airport shuttles.

Public transit tickets:

  • RATP has a broad offering of tickets for all possible cases. Note that Paris uses a fare zone system (5 zones in roughly concentric circles, CDG is in zone 5, ORY is in zone 4, all main train stations are in zone 1, NixCon takes place in zone 1).
  • a single-trip ticket within Paris itself is 1.90€. If you’re staying in Paris, that’s the ticket that gets you to/from the conference. There’s a dematerialized version as well.
  • If you want maximum convenience, the Paris Visite ticket is probably your best option. Buy the zone 1-5 option and ride to wherever you want in the Paris metropolitan area unlimited for the number of days you chose. You can buy it at the airport or train station (in the RER/metro area), or you can pre-buy it online.

To read more: Paris – Travel guide at Wikivoyage is pretty accurate, see the “Get In” and “Get Around” sections.


Can the location be added to the website? :smiley:

Does anybody want to step up and be in charge of the website? I added the address but it’s not very well presented. source: GitHub - nixcon/ NixCon 2022 conference website

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