NixCon Oct 20-22 2022 - Tickets Coming Soon!

Tickets will go live on Monday Sept 19th at 8am PST // 5pm CEST

Registration Details:

Reg link to be posted on Monday!

We have two types of tickets available

  1. Attending in person (Thursday + Friday + Hackathon)
    Total number of tickets available: 200
  • Early bird (first 50) ~60 Euro
  • Normal tickets ~80 Euro
  • Late tickets ~95 Euro
  1. Streaming remotely: Free! - We ask that you please still register so we know how many people to expect online :pray:
    Total number of tickets available: unlimited

We have a limited number of tickets reserved for those who may be financially constrained or in other situations. We may be able to accommodate you; Please send an email to; shortly describe your financial situation and how much you can pay.

CC: Org Leaders - Zimbatm (@zimbatm) / Matthias / Ron (@ron) / Ryan (@RaitoBezarius) / Jackline (@JacklineYim) / Alexandra (@ciancimino) Advising - Rok (@garbas) Nick (@addict3d)

Other Updates

  • Talk submissions closed with over 60 speakers; the selection process is on going! For those who submitted - you will be getting updates shortly! Along with spoilers about topics you can expect at Nixcon!
  • Subscribe to the NixCon Matrix channel for updates!
  • Are you interested in sponsoring Nixcon? Join over a dozen sponsors have come forward to support the NixCon event. We are excited to share their participation with you. If you are interested please reach out or see here for opportunities - You can also cross share our posts about it! (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Interested in helping support NixCon? Get involved and join the group of +30 volunteers. Introduce yourself on the NixCon 2022 Volunteer Matrix channel
  • Accommodations: There are plenty of hotels and hostels near the venue. Currently, we do not have a conference discount. Should that change we will make an announcement.

NixCon Details:
When: Thursday October 20th 2022 - Friday October 21st 2022 + Hackathon on Saturday October 22nd
Where: Paris, France Ecole Normale Supérieure


What will be the payment options available?

Are there any accomodations available that give a discount for ticket owners or have some rooms held back at least?

I won’t be able to attend anyway due to work reasons, though for multi-day events accomodation and travel are the toughest problems, rarely the event itself…

And I see it rarely covered in the event announcements.

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I’d like to warn everyone that Paris accommodation is almost sold out, get your place as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Credit card will be available, if you are interested into something else that’s reasonable (e.g. SEPA wire transfers), we can look into that!

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Thanks, CC will work for me

JFYI: Ticket purchase: NixCon 2022

Hosted by Flying Circus.