NixCon PL Meeting Notes - 2024/05/10

Attendees: @Janik @0x4A6F @RaitoBezarius @JulienMalka

I) State of the “TH-OHM” proposal

  • @Janik has had the confirmation that the university can accommodate for at least 250 people, and has inquired if we can go up to 300.

  • The situation has stalled for the past few weeks for the reasons stated in II.

II) Upholding of NixCon 2024

  • All member of the PL team have expressed their difficulties working on NixCon organization given the uncertainty around the NixOS community governance and the amount of energy their participation to the governance discussion is taking.

  • Decision to put the team’s proceedings on hold until the governance situation has stabilized and target a date later in the year for the conference.

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What does PL stand for? :slight_smile:

Project Lead: The NixCon PL team is better described here: Governance through "project leads" in NixCon 2024

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hello there from over the pond (north america) :wave:

i have some concerns about the nixcon 2024 europe situation and the ability of people in north america to attend - specifically those of us with family, work, and other obligations who need to travel with significant time cost and expense - we might have a much higher obstacle this year to attend than in previous years if we don’t get dates/details sufficiently far in advance

the earlier we know about nixcon (dates & location) the more chances we have to attend

i wouldn’t presume to ask anything of the current team who has spent time on this as i appreciate the time they have put in up to this point and their need for a mental break…

…but i would wonder out loud if there are other people who might want to take up the challenge of organizing nixcon 2024 europe instead :thinking:

ping to @domenkozar, @ron, @matthewcroughan, and @DavHau who have been involved with a number of cons/sprints and might know some people interested

i always have such a great time at these things so a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the past and might get involved in the future :man_bowing: