NixOS 19.09 release management

Hi everyone!

Since September is getting closer and closer, it’s about time @samueldr and I announced the team for the next release. So here it is: the NixOS 19.09 release will be managed by @disassembler and myself.

That’s all for now!


A bit off topic, but does NixOS-release do security backports like Debian?

Not sure if it’s “like debian”, but yes we do security backports. There is some effort on vulnerability roundups.

Its all community effort though, so nobody guarantees anything. If you value security over stability, I’d personally still prefer unstable.

Although maybe @ckauhaus and the people at #nixos-security have other opinions.

A bit off topic, but does NixOS-release do security backports like Debian?

If «like Debian» means a dedicated effort to extract only the security fixes and data-loss bugfixes while ignoring minor bugfixes and feature additions, that doesn’t usually happen in Nixpkgs. Whenever practical, the release branches get the upstream release that has all the known critical fixes and minimal amount of unrelated changes (so if there is a choice between upstream patch-release and major release, the former is chosen, but it is normal to just upgrade to the latest upstream release if this is the only option supported by upstream).

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When upstream doesn’t provide a point release, it’s also not rare for us to piggyback on debian and use their bugfix-only patches.

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Mostly want to thank you both for taking on the huge task of shepherding another release.
Any big change/killer feature you would like to advertise between 10.03 and 19.09 release ? Like a specific point you would like to emphasize ?

Great to hear. I would like to bring attention then to Release schedule for NixOS?.