NixOS 19.09 Release

Hi everyone!
I’m happy to announce our new stable channel, NixOS 19.09 “Loris”!

While I have the honor of being the one to sign the tag and post the release announcement, I’m far from being the only contributor — in fact, across a total of over 22,000 commits since 19.03, I only played a part in 40 of them! The rest was covered by 959 other contributors (74 more than for 19.03, let’s keep that growth going!). The following commit authors were particularly prolific:

Count Author
2158 R. RyanTM (ryantm’s bot)
1305 worldofpeace (@worldofpeace)
987 Will Dietz (@dtzWill)
830 Mario Rodas (@marsam)
636 Marek Mahut (@mmahut)
629 Frederik Rietdijk (@FRidh)
543 Matthew Bauer (@matthewbauer)
393 volth (@volth)
388 Aaron Andersen (@aanderse)
383 Jan Tojnar (@jtojnar)

Numbers notwithstanding, many thanks to everyone who contributed; I’d also like to thank @lheckemann, my co-release-manager, who helped me learn the process of releasing NixOS and handled a large part of the work in creating the release. This release has only been successful because of the great community we have! Keep up the good work!

Enjoy the release, everyone! :tada:


Wohooo :partying_face: Congratulations everyone :slight_smile:


Gorgeous, thank you.


Obligatory Repology graph of new stable release: