Thanks everyone 👑


Another release has just arrived at our doorstep and I couldn’t be more gracious and thankful to the people who chose to be a part of this. The definition of excellence truly is growing in every moment, and in the choices we make together.

The following is a weird idea I had. I really like to tell people thank you.
So I’m going to address each of the collectives individually.

Think of it like public Hallmark cards, but you know, you could never pay for something like this :rofl: .


To our contributors

In even this short period of time I’ve had the pleasure to assist so many people.
In 19.03 we had 74 new contributors compared to the last release alone.
I’m happy to say several of them I was able to help personally, and some even reaped commit rights :sparkles:. Thanks for being brave to cut through the ice :ice_cube: of nixpkgs and to discover something warm on the other side. Your contributions are NixOS and without you it couldn’t exist.

Let’s continue to help each-other reach even greater heights.

To my collaborators

We’ve been doing amazing things with regularity even.
Even when we mess up, we mess it up best :wave: !
And I think that’s an encouraging thought, to make your mistakes the best mistakes so you can learn something from them. So to those who’ve chosen to mess stuff up with me, and for sure make them better in the process, thanks. I know it’s been a learning experience, and in those moments of unsureness as to whether something is going to work out, look at where we are now.
Somehow you always make it to the other side, and I’m pleased that we met along the way.

To the people who welcomed me and help others

Hey :v:, what you do made this possible. So you really deserve this from me.
Thanks for making a concerted effort to be welcoming towards people and to shape our environment to make this sustainable. These efforts in community building and creating a sense of belonging is wholly necessary.

I think any way you chose to help someone is valuable.

Whether that be:

  • helping out on IRC
  • your reviews and comments on GitHub
  • PMs
  • and much more…

We make up one of the best IRC channels on Freenode.
And I know I’m not the first person to proclaim this, whatever happens there seriously works.

Everyone has to start from somewhere. I’m glad it gets to start with you.


Let’s keep sharing, and let’s go.

My wish is some of this gratitude reaches you, and maybe refresh faith in the future now.
Happy release. Lastly with Warmth avatar

(but never the end :smile:)