NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes – 2023-05-02

Attendees: Eelco, Ron, Théophane, Jonas


  • NGI / SoN
  • Hiring admin person and/or community manager
  • Funding forms
  • Prioritization


  • Graham announced during the week that he would step back from his observership role because of time constraints due to work.
  • NGI meeting recap
    • NGI would like some packaging to be done in addition to the Summer of Nix
      • We can hire Cleve (a former SoN fellow) right away for that
      • Budget would come out of NixOS/SoN budget
    • Should we just hire Cleve or make an open call?
      • Cleve would do the job and is available
      • Opening that to the community would also be very valuable
      • An open call would take several weeks, and this has already been delayed for some time
      • How long would that engagement be for?
        • Still need to be defined. In the past the contract specified a threshold after which the contract would have to be reconsidered
      • Who would be managing that effort?
        • Currently, one of us
        • Or a potential community manager for SoN
      • Decision: Hire Cleve for a limited amount of time and run an open call in parallel for the continuation of the work
    • Project manager for SoN
      • Matthias and Valentin propose hiring somebody (specifically Valentin) to do NGI/SoN management
      • Valentin willing to take that role
        • Would need to sort out how to do things wrt Tweag (Valentin’s employer)
        • We can’t hire Tweag directly because the foundation isn’t allowed to deal with companies directly
      • We should make an open call about that any way, as quickly as possible
        • Sync with Mathias and Valentin about writing a job description and a call (@Eelco Dolstra)
  • Admin role
    • Review of Jonas’s role description
    • @Ron to publish it, @Jonas Chevalier to communicate with the community
    • According to Matthias and Valentin, NlNet might be willing to support this too. Need to investigate.
  • DNS migration
    • @Jonas Chevalier need some help from @Eelco Dolstra to get access to the MX records/improvmx account as some email redirects need to be updated.


(also reflected in the board’s github project)

Complexity Priority Members Notes
Charitable Status High High If we want to increase our efforts in raising money this is important, otherwise less
Board Lifecycle Mid High We should have an answer to this question
Community Team/ “core” team concept / Tech Direction - Helping create a process/structure/team Mid Mid
Fundings and Grant - Expanding/continuous work Low Low
Definition and comms of foundation responsibilities Low High @Théophane Hufschmitt
Community membership, decision making, voting High High
Admin hiring Low High @Jonas Chevalier @Ron
Trademark Low (Policy - High) Mid Moving forward with the trademark application and hold on policy
Supporting teams Mid Mid
Board comms Low High
Supporting community members to contribute/take part
Collaborations with other organizations, foundations, events and communities Mid Mid
Base setup: making sure that the member registrations are done, that we have the setup to fill the taxes and work with the state. Low High
Donation/Fundraising program High Low