NixOS Foundation Board Meeting Minutes - 2023-07-06

As the last few board meetings have been heavily centered around the S3 resolutions there were fewer items beyond that. Sharing the notes below:


  • S3 bucket migration short and long term
  • Hiring & Contracts
  • Nix Grant Program and Funding Approvals
  • migration and announcement
  • Banking


Earlier S3 Related Notes - Beginning of June

  • S3 bucket migration
    • Priorities for this decision:
      1. Focusing on reliability and minimizing any risk at all
      2. Costs
      3. Timeline
    • Split into Short and Long
      • Short - what we need to do just to make sure we are back on track
      • Long - ideally owned by the infra term for a long term, reliable, sustainable solution. Not the foundations position to make architectural/technical decisions
    • Need to balance the price and reliability
  • Action Items
    • Team to follow up with contacts at AWS & cloudflare to establish comms
    • analysis of backup options
    • analysis of costs/breakdown of usage/storage

Non-Board Meeting Minutes - S3 - Cloudflare team and @domenkozar / @ron

  • Provided historical context on the storage/S3
  • Provided overview of Nix and Nix community
  • Ran through numbers 425T
  • Ran through short term needs and priorities and moving into the long term (deduplication/exploring gc/other opportunities)
  • Ran through NixOS Community and Foundation priorities:
    • Risk
    • Cost
    • Long term
  • Migration to R2?
    • As close to 0 overhead in terms of costs to doing the migration
    • egress costs
      • look into incremental
  • 1 cent access fee to things inside the “infrequent access” bucket
  • Bandwidth/fastly
    • They have the bandwidth alliance with multiple vendors there and different costs: google/oracle/etc…
    • They need to look into it