NGI Project Manager (part-time) – NixOS Foundation

The NixOS Foundation collaborates with the NLnet Foundation on EU programs NGI Zero Core, NGI Zero Entrust, and provides packaging services within NGI Zero Review. This collaboration is one of the largest funded efforts in support of the Nix ecosystem (including Summer of Nix in particular) and therefore is incredibly critical to maintain. Previously, management of the packaging effort was done by volunteers, but the growing size and scope of the NGI effort requires a more dedicated position to help support the project/volunteers. Therefore, we are now seeking to hire a part-time role to help support the different projects, make sure they are successful and help us keep this effort going in years to come. As such we are launching an open call for the NGI Project Manager role, details below:

  • determine priorities and allocate budgets
  • develop projects in collaboration with individual developers and teams from the Nix community
  • prepare contracts
  • keep track of progress and compile reports
  • help with fundraising
  • assist with various administrative tasks

on behalf of NixOS Foundation.

A particular focus will be on Summer of Nix, which constitutes a major part of the packaging work planned for the upcoming year.

This role’s mission is to help fulfil the NixOS Foundation’s NGI program duties, by reducing administrative friction and increasing visibility of work done.

Contract conditions

Location: worldwide, remote

Expected work load: up to 8 hours per week for six months

Compensation/Budget: 60 EUR per hour (invoiced amount)

Start of contract: June 2023

Extension is possible, depending on outcomes and available budget.


  • Experience with project management in software development in a distributed setting
  • Knowledge of culture and social dynamics in free and open source communities
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Demonstrable ability for self-directed work, excellent collaboration skills


  • Technical expertise in software development, software architecture, Nix and related tooling
  • Professional experience with non-profit organizations and public funding
  • Involvement in the Nix community

Get in touch

Send your application to The call closes Monday 2023-06-05. The result will be announced Wednesday 2023-06-14.


(belated) update on that: @fricklerhandwerk will get the role and will start within a few days, time to finalize the contract.