NixOS screenshot thread

All distributions need one of these threads.

My desktop is a KDE with almost no customization.

How does yours look like?


Mine looks like this (this is actually two separate mismatched monitors. The blue region cannot be accessed).

It’s i3, with some gnome services. Some config files available at

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Here’s main :slight_smile:

EXWM with few windows opened, all windows are handled via dedicated
key (split horizontally/vertically, flip window in buffer, close, maximize etc)
so for most used apps, a single key to open notmuch, a single key to
send a new mail, a single key for eshell, terminal emulator, dired, …

Screenshot taken with M-x screenshot! Only few problem with NixOS
and few with X apps.

BTW does somebody know how to reply via mail with attachments?

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Dual monitor setup which mostly acts like 2 separate computers. First monitor runs regular KDE setup without anything overly exotic, except some tweaked out KWin rules for determining what applications run on what monitors. The second monitor is a TV which is in another room, connected via an HDMI cable that runs through the wall, and runs Kodi. Kodi is controlled via the remote control on the TV (libcec support in Kodi) and serves as the families htpc in the living room. 2 Logitech F710 wireless gamepads which work great even though the tower is in a separate room.


And here a GNOME desktop screenshot…

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Mine is XFCE as DE + xmonad as WM.


Mine’s pretty boring. No DE or bars. Just xmonad. but here’s a screenshot of a game I’m working on to make it less boring :sweat_smile:


Day 1 of Nix! Next thing to figure out is how to get oomox working with Plasma :thinking:


Welcome to the Nix community!

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GNOME 3 with Plank dock. I’m looking forward to use elementary’s Pantheon desktop once merged: #48637

See my configuration at nixos-config/configuration.nix at master · davidak/nixos-config · GitHub

I’ve gotten into ricing thanks to NixOS :slight_smile:

i3-gaps, compton, polybar, dracula theme, the works


@aanderse what is the Kodi theme you’re using? Looks nice and clean.

Arctic Zephyr. The theme defaults are a little bit boring but if you tweak the theme it’s really great. I chose the vertical menu option and then set custom widgets so the theme would show the most recently added tv shows and movies, as well as the most recently played steam games.

Just Gnome, no real customizing, nothing fancy.


with xmonad, xmobar, and urxvt

Thanks to help here, I found a decent NixOS wallpaper.

Shameless plug: nixos-artwork: make wallpapers available to KDE by peterhoeg · Pull Request #51926 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


Fake-ish busy scrot of my desktop. Bars are polybar(1), WM is bspwm (wmnamed to satisfy the odd Java program).

Soon I have everything integrated in my nixos-config repo; dotfiles and email setup remain.


would you mind sharing your desktop background?

check out nixos-artwork