OpenLP update to 3.1.2: looking for reviewers and co-maintainers

Hi folks,

I’m the maintainer of OpenLP in Nixpkgs, and finally I took the time to [PR an update to OpenLP-3.1.2](under review. The current version in Nixpkgs was 2.4.6, which is terribly outdated and does not build any more (see also Help Overriding Python Library in Nixos + Home Manager).

If you use OpenLP, it would be a great help if you could contribute to the review, e.g. by testing the functionality of the executable, or by reviewing the code.

Also, I am looking for co-maintainers, since I don’t use OpenLP any more, currently. I can still be a maintainer and help with non-trivial updates, but it would be better if the regular maintenance were done by someone actually noticing when something breaks or there is a new version.



Dropping it is always a possibility, if you’re not using it anymore.