Please join the new weekly "Haskell Updates" video livestream

Fellow Nixpkgs hackers,

about once per week I spend an hour cleaning up the haskell-updates branch to bring it into a state that’s ready to merge into master. That typically means

  • going through the open PRs,
  • reporting bugs upstream,
  • disabling failing test suites,
  • adding overrides and/or patches to Nixpkgs, and
  • eventually marking all builds I can’t fix easily as broken.

It’s actually somewhat entertaining work because I get to mess with a lot of different Haskell packages that exhibit a lot of different types of build errors and there’s usually a chance to learn something new.

Anyway, I figured it might be nice to turn that weekly effort into some kind of “social coding” event which other Nixpkgs users can join in to contribute, ask questions, or just hang out together. I’ll stream these sessions live on Twitch starting today:


During the session, you can reach me via my Twitch chat, of course, and I’ll probably look into #nixos-dev every now and then, too.

Take care,


This is great @peti, thanks for choosing to do this. I support you :confetti_ball:

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Great watch! Good to see people’s workflows.

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The next live stream to update the Haskell package set is scheduled on Thursday, 9:30PM CEST:


what do you use to record yourself? I was thinking of doing a series similar to the nix pills but in video format.


What do you use to record yourself?

I use simplescreenrecorder to capture my screen and audio. Pure audio capture like narration etc. I do with audacity. Then I use shotcut to mix the raw material into the final video. Finally, my live streams are managed with obs-studio. It’s all running on NixOS, obviously.


Everyone who wants to participate in the live stream by way of voice chat is invited to join the #haskell4nix conference channel at Note that the live stream starts in ~3,5 hours.

The next #haskell4nix live stream is scheduled for Friday, Nov 1, 9:00 PM GMT+1:

That is pretty much directly after the “Nix Office Hours” meeting. Our life stream does include a voice conference room everybody is welcome to join and, like, talk. :slight_smile:


The next #haskell4nix live stream is scheduled for Friday, Nov 8 20:00 CET:

Further weekly installments of this live stream will be scheduled at the same time (to the best of my ability), so I reckon I’ll no longer post announcements here. Instead, I’ll announce those live streams an Twitter and on Twitch.

I’d also like to emphasize that this live stream is a good opportunity to ask me (or other participants) questions about Haskell / Nix. So if you’re curious about certain aspects of the Haskell infrastructure or if you would like to me help you debug some packaging error you can’t wrap your head around, please feel free join the meeting and just ask – either in the Twitch chat or in the Discord voice conference called #haskell4nix. The more people join in, the merrier this little get-together will be. :slight_smile:


In case anyone is interested in this (and is as clueless about twitch as I am), the actual link to peti’s channel is the following:

The above Twitch embed appears to be broken (a problem with Discourse?), but here is a non-embed link: Twitch