Procedure for adding Haskell hackage package to nixpkgs?


I authored a small Haskell package, and it has been in Hackage for a few months now. However, I noticed it doesn’t appear to be in nixpkgs master as of last night. What’s the procedure for getting it added, or what might be going wrong if it is supposed to be added automatically (as I thought was the case for Hackage packages)?

It’s already there, just only on unstable NixOS Search - Loading...

I see my mistake was trusting github’s repository search rather than trying e.g. ripgrep!

Looking at the commits on hackage-packages.nix, it looks like it is updated about every day or so, and as my package was up in late July, I guess I’m curious why it didn’t make the 20.09 cut - was there a freeze that went into effect earlier for 20.09?

Well, I found this thread (congrats, and thanks, on the release efforts!) : 20.09 Feature freeze items · Issue #95475 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub , though I don’t think I immediately learned the answer from that.

Looking at another discussion, it appears I likely missed the “branch-off” date for 20.09, which the linked documentation indicated was likely the case.

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I don’t know the full context. But the branch off was done in early september. And generally peti does the haskell updates once a week. I believe his workflow is to force update everything on the haskell-updates branch, and then come back the next next day and try to resolve any issues in a time-boxed manner.

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