PRs ready for review [January]

A little presumptuous of me to continue PRs ready for review [December] as I don’t have commit access… but hey, maybe someone who has commit access is looking for low hanging fruit!

I’ll kick it off with these:

Simple version bump for Redmine

The never ending battle to try and keep Apache on par with Nginx on NixOS


Forgot about this one. Would be nice to have for 19.03. While I did have a reasonable go at testing, I would appreciate anyone else who might want to test this out on BTRFS or a disk with a space character in the label:

Can someone pls check this PR:

Have another one ready to go if anyone is interested in merging

I’ve been keeping this up to date for almost four months now, since it’s hard to get enough attention to get it merged. I could really use a review and a push toward the finish line.