PRs ready for review [December]

Hi all,

As a follow up to PRs ready for review, I wanted to start a thread for anyone to post PRs they have that are ready to be reviewed. We frequently get days where there are more PRs opened than we have the power to review every one. In those cases, things can get lost, even though the content is perfectly good.

Please reply with a link to a PR (can be yours or someone else’s) and I can take a look at it. I am especially looking for concise, finished PRs that are 7+ days old without any significant attention.


Very short, but neglected.

If we haven’t done so already, we might want to consider enabling stalebot github integration:

Nix has a handful of PRs that have not had any activity or comments for many months, including some that haven’t had a comment for over a year. You can sort by least recently updated to take a look:

In the oldest one, the last several months worth of activity are from various maintainers asking if the PR is still desired/relevant.

The above bot can be enabled with a simple click, and only requires write access to pull requests and issues (cannot modify code or commit), plus a small yaml file for config in the main repo. It gives a gentle prod with a comment after some threshold of idle time, then if there’s still no activity a full week later it closes the PR. Since activity can be anything, including another comment, a CI build, commits, a rebase, etc., this is not a high bar to clear. This seems like it’d sweep up some stuff where the original author has disappeared, without maintainers having to manually evaluate and close them out themselves.

I think it’d probably we worth setting up with a relatively long leash (several months at least), because then our issue/PR numbers would more closely reflect the actual number of unreviewed and/or WIP PRs in flight.


Not my PR, but I think we should try out soon. It turns on pruning of .la files by default, and could prevent quite a lot build problems which would otherwise require manual intervention (eg. strongswan being broken on master atm.).

Some NixOps PRs have been sitting for a while. Mine isn’t the most critical, but a feature add that I’m excited about. Been using it for a month and it is very convenient. Feedback appreciated!
Fixes a broken firmware on some devices that prevents the wlan adapter from working on 18.09

Major update of videocoding utility. Upstream migrated from LibAV to FFMpeg.
Sorted package dependencies.
Cleaned-up dependencies.

would be thankful to have some feedback on [RFC] add ability to merge structured configs by teto · Pull Request #42838 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub . It allows a nixos module to enable kernel settings (if you use a network emulator that requires namespaces, it will enable namespaces). It also makes inheriting kernel configurations easier.

These add fuse-overlayfs and package configurations for fuse.conf:

This adds pluggable authentication module support for Gogs/Gitea:

This adds a davmail module, which is a gateway for enterprise Microsoft Exchange webservices:

This adds some option to configure cassandra logging


Documentation update:
and the matching backport to the release notes of 19.09:

Both have been tested, using nixpkgs-review pr <pr_num>

Tested, and reviewed by one package maintainer.