PRs ready for review _

This fixes numpy on i686-linux/armv7l-linux

pgadmin4: 7.5 → 7.6 by gador · Pull Request #251936 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

XGBoost 2.0.0 is ready for review: xgboost: 1.7.6 -> 2.0.0 by nviets · Pull Request #255061 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
Thanks in advance!

An update for google-cloud-sdk is ready for review: google-cloud-sdk: 433.0.1 -> 446.0.1 by nviets · Pull Request #255373 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

The update resolves some CVEs that are present in the current version in nixpkgs.

Fixes to make deviceTree module more flexible: nixos/device-tree: Add more options to the module by ktrinh-anduril · Pull Request #251898 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

A function that generate a wrapper script leveraging mkShell.

Very handy, and I think it’s a low hanging fruit gap in the ecosystem.

It’s based on pkgs.dockerTools.streamNixShellImage, that I had to adapt to generate a GPU friendly container for a normie OS (Ubuntu Server) that actually made more sense to separate the wrapper part from the container construction part.