PRs ready for review _

Fixes build of GNS3 Server on Hydra: Hydra - nixpkgs:trunk:gns3-server.x86_64-linux

Fixes build of python312Packages.base64io on Hydra: Hydra - nixpkgs:trunk:python312Packages.base64io.x86_64-linux

hi there, this is a simple PR that inits a cli application in nixpkgs

Still waits for feedback.

I would love a review on: init at 19-06-23 by hmajid2301 · Pull Request #297873 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub thank you so much

Hey y’all - hopefully this is a quick one:

Month old PR. Includes a securty fix for xorg-server and adds an updater script.

One month bump for a 3 line fix to a basic dependency for a very simple change to a dependency of system-path.