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A Forth compiler!

I’ve been using this for a number of weeks without any issues.

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Add a Java runtime environment to the makemkv wrapper, since JRE is required for certain Blu-Rays:

Fix a gcc ICE on AArch64:

Simple version bump of Huggingface tokenizers:

Would appreciate if could get looked at, contains a fix for a consensus issue as well as a DoS.

This fixes a fairly critical issue with the sanoid module, but has been sitting for a long time without anyone who can merge reviewing it.

inkcut includes inkscape plugin code so you can invoke it straight from inkscape.

This PR makes it possible to install inkscape with inkcut and the relevant plugin in one go:

Fedora backgrounds for your favorite distribution:

Boring bump of a spaCy dependency:

Trivial update for GEM (graphics library for PureData) means we no longer have to patch it:

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