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Working on adding python package typical to nixpkgs. It depends on package future-typing. Have a working derivation for it, but must disable one test file. The test fails because it use an encoder that future-typing install. But it seems that it is not available when tests runs. Any help to get the last test file to work?

It is the header # -*- coding: future_typing -*- in the following file that is making problems:

Here’s a small quality of life improvement for Gradle users. Inconveniently large rebuild for what it is but suppose that cannot be helped.

Not my own PR, but It would nonetheless be great if someone can get this merged.

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git-fast-export: 200213 → 210917 by fabianhjr · Pull Request #142046 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub for the removal of mercurial_4 ( )

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A few minor changes are pending, but I’d appreciate a review at this stage.

I have reviewed this but no one replied.

This PR is ready for review, can someone please take a look?

This one brings all PPD files from Printer List | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation to nixpkgs. It also adds a new setup hook that helps patching ppd files. Maybe someone with an old printer or with experience in packaging CUPs drivers can give it a try.

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Have a bunch of package requests ready for review

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