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this is my first pull request and I would need some help. Especially how to use $out in configureFlags list. These are not evaluated and I set the flag needing $out in preConfigure. Can you confirm, that this is the problem stopping the merging process?

Includes a critical security patch, would be great to merge asap:

Just a simple backport of a new package that I’d like to install locally without patching or so:

Was messy at start, now we’re good to go!

I could use someone to proof-read nixos/nextcloud: add some notes for `Error: Command "upgrade" is not defined.` by Ma27 · Pull Request #135958 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few that should be ready to go!

@julm I’m out for the weekend with zero technology, but I’ll take a look at these when I have a chance thereafter. (especially the sourcehut, thanks!)

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Package looking for review (module has already been reviewed and approved):

Hi, I’m looking for reviews for


Test automation for fetchers!

They used to be tricky to hack on because they don’t re-run after completing once. With this technique, we can have tests as usual.

Can someone take a look at this, that has been ignored for a couple of weeks (maintainer is not responding, and the same happened with #134390, but that one was merged).

It should be merged, because the complicated license doesn’t allow free distribution of that code.
And I need it to be merged so I can send my other PRs to fix the build on darwin and fix/enable the Python interface.

I can take over maintenance, since I’ve put a lot of work to fix the package (including merged #134390 and #134393, and my upcoming PRs).

Can someone review these PRs open for a couple of weeks?

This change of the resilio-sync module has been sitting for a couple of months. It introduces the option of managing resilio sync secrets using secret files, so those secrets don’t need to end up in the nix store. I’d super appreciate a review!

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