Python packages: what versions to build on Hydra? (2020)

About two years ago we had a poll asking for what Python versions we should build the packages on Hydra. With only 18 voters the result was the last Python version (3.7 at the time) followed by Python 2.7.

By now the latest version and default for 20.09 is 3.8, and 2.7 is EOL. Python 2.7 thus won’t get as much attention anymore as it used to, unless you put in the effort to maintain. Python 3.5 will be removed for 20.09.

So, now the same question. What versions would you like to see built by Hydra?

  • CPython 3.8
  • CPython 3.7
  • CPython 3.6
  • CPython 2.7
  • PyPy 3.6
  • PyPy 2.7

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Also, if you like to have 2.7 builds, please elaborate what.

I’d like to see Hydra keep building python 2 for as long as that’s the default python attribute, at least.

$ nix-build -A python                  

To further the distinction, this isn’t about what python interpreters should be kept around in nixpkgs, it’s what package sets hydra will build.

So, python{2.7,3.5,3.6,3.7,3.8,3.9} will still be available, but the associated package sets for some may be less supported due to hydra and nixpkgs-review not including them by default.

From the OP I read that 3.8 shall become the new default and I’d really appreciate that decision


python3 point to python38. python points python27 and won’t change.

I have an odd-duck python27 project that isn’t yet in nixpkgs, but hopefully will be in coming months. Currently it only pulls in six and typing from python27.pkgs.