Refine development categories

To present a more predictable structure to newcomers, I suggest to roughly align categories to areas of work:

  • Nix
  • Nixpkgs
  • NixOS
  • Hydra

and the different teams covering cross-cutting concerns such as

  • NixOS Foundation
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Documentation

Concrete proposal:

  • create: Nix
  • rename: Nixpkgs Architecture β†’ Nixpkgs
    • gradually move uncategorized Nixpkgs-related threads into Nixpkgs
  • rename: NixOS Releases β†’ NixOS

@ryantm @zimbatm what do you think?

I just did the reverse naming of Nixpkgs Architecture β†’ Nixpkgs a few days ago.

But, I wasn’t thinking that hard about it.

Yeah, I think this generally makes sense.

The nixpkgs architecture is specifically not for newcomers. If you need a category for newcomers, having a separate Development > Nixpkgs sounds fine

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Okay, I was a bit ambiguous there. The structure is supposed to be obvious for newcomers - contents of the Development category are of course not for beginners. We may want to make that clear in the sticky thread.

Shall we proceed then if there are no objections? The Nix team meeting notes are already spamming the Development category.

I created a Nix category Nix - NixOS Discourse

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I can’t move threads there yet though.