Revamped Learning section of Awesome Nix

I did Zero to Nix and after that felt like somebody threw me into a void. Nobody could really point me to good documentation for Nix.

Turns out there is lots of documentation out there, it’s just all over the place. So I’ve taken it on myself to collect everything here in Awesome Nix:

(Look at how that section got fleshed out!)

I wish that list had been there when I first started this 3 months ago but it’s there for everybody starting now. Point your friends and loved ones to it.


Please add if you time.

Video Series

Nix Hours


(My) Mind Map

I should do it, but I’m out of time :wink:

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thank you very much for this!

A bit off-topic: I had quite some struggles following the nix pills a few years ago when I started. It felt a bit like it’s targeted at academic people and sometimes hard to understand. Was this just me being stupid (and maybe not taking enough time)? Also I haven’t used a functional language before that, which might’ve caused additional struggles for me.
Either way it feels to me like “The best way to learn, with examples” is not the most useful (and IMO not very accurate) description for it… At least now that there are so many more ressources than 5+ years ago when it was pretty much the only in-depth tutorial.

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Yes, editorializing the other stuff that was already in there will be also something to do but I won’t put too high a priority on it. There’s a bunch of stuff to do there but I don’t own it.

This looks good. I’ll go through a couple of the videos and if I think it’s good and still relevant, I’ll add it.

I won’t do any of the NixOS ones because I’m unqualified to check whether they are good (I don’t use NixOS). I also think everything NixOS (and nixlang) should be split out into its own section, but I wasn’t successful with that yet.

If somebody wants to own a separate section an learning materials for just NixOS that may be a good idea.


This was definitely not you being stupid. I went through them as well because I couldn’t really find that much else and I have no idea who they are there for or what they are supposed to teach you.

I reread it after I used NixOS for a few years. I think if you actually understand the content, it’s a very agnostic and nix-focussed tutorial teaching the “idea” of nix as tool for creating derivations, etc. It made me understand the differences between Nix and Nixpkgs/NixOS much more. But good to know others had struggles with it, too :smile:

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