So long, and thanks for all the fish

I tried to post this in #nix-offtopic, but my client claimed it was rejected by one of the servers involved. I don’t care to find out why, I only used Matrix for the Nix spaces.

Matrix doesn’t let you write out “part messages” so I’m sending a final message instead. Please forgive me.

Hi, you know who I am. Earlier this year I stepped back from Nix things and took a “wait and see” approach to see if things like the assembly would help move the needle in the right direction in face of the governance and moderation crisis. As of last night, my canary died when a certain contributor was added back to the GitHub org as a nixpkgs contributor.

This is not me trying to threaten to leave as a way to make that one contributor no longer have membership to the NixOS GitHub org. This is a statement that I’ve personally given up hope and I am just leaving. I’m going to be ripping out Nix over the next few months and write off all the time and energy I’ve put into trying to make this technology better and more understandable as a mistake and wasted effort.

We all create the futures that we live in. Now that the dust has settled and the future has become the present, I guess all that’s left is for us to live in it.

I hope you enjoy the future we’ve all created.

You can find my future writing and videos at



I’ve stumbled upon your blogs numerous times now (unrelated to Nix) and found it helpful, funny and a great resource overall! I’m only on the surface of Nix but have also watched your talk on Nix and Docker and found it very helpful (currently trying out Nix at my work and how to integrate it etc).

That said I’m sad to see you go. I’ve enjoyed the content I consumed on your blog/yt on Nix and it genuinely helped me solve some problems I encountered in my nix journey the last few months! Thank you and I hope you’ll find a project that gives you the appreciation you deserve! You certainly have mine :+1:


It was through your blog that I first learned about Nix and, from a technical standpoint, it’s basically the best thing that’s ever happened to my PC/Homelab.

I’ve been burned by pretty much every attempt I ever made to get involved in the community surrounding an open-source project, but because of the presence of you and other upstanding members, I was sure (for a time) that Nix would finally be the one that felt actually welcoming. If I’m still willing to “wait and see” with the community, then I’m only able to do so because I haven’t invested anywhere near the energy that you have in it.

It’s so sad to see you go, and I of course can’t blame you. But I would like to take this last possible moment to tell you Thanks for all that you’ve done so far.


I’m still quite new to NixOS so I don’t really know what you are talking about. Anything new comers should know about or best to stay out of the drama?

I don’t know you but I just wanted to thank you anyways for your contributions to opensource and NixOS! Best of luck with your new path!

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What did you want to accomplish with your message? My read is that you are only trying to belittle Xe, which would be a sad use of your time.


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one of their top posts, Much ado about "nothing"
If this person is not feeling safe and and have made their decision it’s better to respect that.


Mostly external writing and documentation, along with behind-the-scenes meddling that (by its nature) has little to no public visibility. I was also the keynote speaker for NixCon North America.

Here’s a few links:

(which I am told is de-factor production documentation for at least one startup, to my horror)

Thank you for demonstrating the exact reason why I no longer want to be associated with this community or technology. I hope you have the day you deserve.


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I never read that one but The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is, as we all know, pretty good. Don’t panic! is all I can say.


Thank you for all your valuable time and effort. I hope to see you around in professional communities.

Staying in the NixOS community for too long does run the risk of making you forget those exist.


The posts by Butters perfectly illustrate the problem, and that problem was perfectly summarized by @jade in


Hey Xe,

Thanks so much. It’s been lovely having you and it’ll suck not having you in the nix community.

Good luck out there! I will keep following you either which way!