Summer of Nix 2023

@mat and I, the organizers, are pleased to announce Summer of Nix 2023.

Summer of Nix is a rare opportunity for Nix users of varying skills and interests, to practice Nix remotely, in mob programming format, while contributing to open source and receiving some payment for it.

We’ve rethought the collaboration format — this year’s Summer of Nix will be exclusively mob programming.

One focus of work will be the creation of a monorepo for all NGI Nix packages.

We’ll also have a lecture series and a hiring event.

It’s been a pleasure working with @mat, who was the primary organizer for the last two years, and I look forward to reading your applications.

Don’t hesitate to apply!


I submitted my application (I think). I’m not sure if it went through; I haven’t received any kind of confirmation email. Can you confirm that you’ve received an application from me? If you have, it may be a good idea to set up an automated confirmation email to assuage similar doubts from applicants.


Your application came through @leungbk !


I’ve the same issue of @leungbk and i’m not sure if it went through (i’ve applied using the following mail: )
Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

@heph your application has been received.

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@mightyiam Please check if mine is received :slightly_smiling_face:

@mightyiam, in Summer of Nix 2023 stipends - Google Tabellen Slovakia is not counted as EU member state which is incorrect. Would you please have a look?


Thank you. I fixed it.

I dont want to disrespect the application process but I was wondering if I could update my application. I was very much excited when it appeared and signed up. In the mean time since then for the first time I began the process of contributing to nixpkgs. I am doing a draft of my first two PR right now, which will come in few days and I am working on one package. All this is missing in my application. So if there is a way to update my application with links to those issues it would really make me overjoyed.

Update: this has been resolved.

Your application is in.

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Hi, same question again; could you check whether an application from was received? Thanks in advance.

I also sent my application but no answer.


For the next person: there doesn’t seem to be a reason to suspect a malfunction in the form. There is no response email upon submitting.


This is exactly why I prefer direct email contact over filling any web forms.

I will be guaranteed to have a copy of exactly what I sent.

No need to pray for getting a confirmation from the form, which may or may or not contain a copy or an excerpt of what I sent through it, if it confirms submission at all…


I don’t suspect a malfunction in the form, but I do suspect one in my wetware. I’m not convinced that I put in the correct email, as I didn’t even mean to submit the form last night (okay, this morning). It should be good enough, hopefully. There should be an application from J and the email address has to do with a kernel problem.

Thank you,

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Hi, I was checking the summer of nix website ( throughtout the April and there was no information about this year’s summer of nix. Just recently there was a banner that the website is archieved and all the information is on github. I was wandering whether it would be possible to apply even after the deadline :sweat_smile: (I already sent my application)


I didn’t see a good reason to actually close the application window. So it’s still open.

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When will the application process finalize those who are accepted? Really excited for SoN! I am new user and looking to learn a lot more and contribute.

Even though the timeline says May 15th, it seems that it will take somewhat longer than that. Sorry about that.

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