Summer of Nix 2023

I also sent my application but no answer.


For the next person: there doesn’t seem to be a reason to suspect a malfunction in the form. There is no response email upon submitting.


This is exactly why I prefer direct email contact over filling any web forms.

I will be guaranteed to have a copy of exactly what I sent.

No need to pray for getting a confirmation from the form, which may or may or not contain a copy or an excerpt of what I sent through it, if it confirms submission at all…


I don’t suspect a malfunction in the form, but I do suspect one in my wetware. I’m not convinced that I put in the correct email, as I didn’t even mean to submit the form last night (okay, this morning). It should be good enough, hopefully. There should be an application from J and the email address has to do with a kernel problem.

Thank you,

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Hi, I was checking the summer of nix website ( throughtout the April and there was no information about this year’s summer of nix. Just recently there was a banner that the website is archieved and all the information is on github. I was wandering whether it would be possible to apply even after the deadline :sweat_smile: (I already sent my application)


I didn’t see a good reason to actually close the application window. So it’s still open.

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When will the application process finalize those who are accepted? Really excited for SoN! I am new user and looking to learn a lot more and contribute.

Even though the timeline says May 15th, it seems that it will take somewhat longer than that. Sorry about that.

I am quite new to the Nix ecosystem, I saw some issues around the NixOS website which I believe I can surely help with as I have a strong background in open source and as well as website development, should I consider applying for Summer of Nix? Thanks

Hello, I have been regularly visiting the Summer of Nix website throughout the month of April, but I couldn’t find any details regarding this year’s Summer of Nix program. However, recently I noticed a banner indicating that the website has been archived and all the necessary information can now be accessed on GitHub. Despite already submitting my application, I am curious to know if there is any possibility of applying even after the deadline. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Unfortunately this year we don’t have a budget or part of the program planned for working on things like the website.

No worries. Go ahead and apply.

hi! i was wondering if someone could confirm my application? i believe it was filled under getchoo at tuta dot io

i just want to confirm because it’s been on my mind for the past few weeks, as i’m not completely sure i entered the correct email (and i would rather not waste anyone’s time by making another one :upside_down_face:)

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Really great initiative, I was lucky to see it before registration ended!

Could you please also confirm my registration?


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Hello everyone. The rest of the application process takes place in the Matrix communication network. If you’re interested in applying, please join this room.

This link is not working , i am trying to join

The link seems alright… Do you have a Matrix account?

For anyone interested in participating in 2024, here’s the call for mob facilitator applications:

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