Technical writer for Nix documentation

Dear Nixers, dear fellow documentarians,

as part of the effort to reduce the load on the public binary cache, I intend to use the Open Collective funds for documentation work to create official tutorials on for people to self-host their own cache.

Budget: 5000 EUR (plus VAT in the Eurozone)

Timeline: finish by 2024-09-18, 10 weeks from now

Quality requirements:

Your profile:

  • proficient in Markdown, Git, GitHub (required)
  • demonstrable experience with technical writing (required)
  • fluent with Nix and NixOS (strong bonus)
  • experience working with Sphinx/Myst (bonus)
  • available 8:00-13:00 UTC for at least weekly video calls to do collaborative reviews and editing sessions

Depending on your level of experience, the timeline allows you to trade the resulting hourly rate against an opportunity to learn on the job and build up some Nix expertise. But finishing quickly is of course desirable. I will guide you through the process and can provide sample code.

Please contact me until Wednesday 2024-07-23 here on Discourse or on Matrix with relevant (ideally open source) work samples and a sketch of how you would approach the task. I will prefer Nix ecosystem contributors in the selection process, but all applicants are welcome.


We are currently planning to expand the storage space for UESTC’s mirror site and provide Nix mirrors (or caching). We would also like to hear elaboration on best practices for doing this kind of work.