This Month in Nix Docs - #4 - July/August 2023


The Documentation Team can be found in a number of places. Check the Documentation Team page and drop in if you’d like to contribute!

The Learning Journey Working Group won’t have meetings in the month of September (or at least I/@zmitchell won’t be leading them). Next week is NixCon, and several members of the Documentation Team will be there either attending and/or speaking (including me/@zmitchell, @fricklerhandwerk, and @infinisil)!


After what seems like a long time, is now official! The tracking issue for this process is here: You can read more about the history behind this site in the official announcement post.

New official tutorials

The Learning Journey Working Group was started in order to create a tutorial series that will take people from “never seen Nix” to competent Nix users.

We’ve spent a few months figuring out which tutorials to write, developing processes, etc, and we finally have some tutorials to show for it. All of the tutorials are hosted on

The new tutorial series is intended to start from a blank slate, so at the moment there is some overlap with tutorials under the “First Steps” section of The intention is to quickly merge the two, removing redundancies so that there’s no competing instructions on the site.

Python section of the Nixpkgs manual

@alejandrosame has been hard at work taking stock of the Python section of the Nixpkgs manual, categorizing the various materials it contains, and deciding what a better organizational structure would look like.

The tracking issue for this effort is in nixpkgs#246234.

Nixpkgs contribution manual

One of the main draws of the Nix ecosystem is the huge collection of packages in the Nixpkgs repository. Contributing to any open source project can be intimidating, much less the largest single package repository on the planet. In an effort to make contribution easier and keep the instructions all in one place, @infinisil moved and cleaned up parts of the manual.

Documentation PRs Merged






Incredible amount of work for just two months! Thank you for putting together these updates! <3


The progress on is great! Finally we are getting the official teaching material for beginners.


The nixpkgs contributing guide cleanup PR from @infinisil can be found here: nixpkgs#245243