ToS & Privacy Policy discussion

@ryantm what does the migration to a new host mean in terms of Privacy Policy/ToS? Should anything be updated specifically for this?

I suspect those are mostly boilerplate (maybe generated by Discourse). I don’t think I read them before. Our current situation is pretty similar to what it was before except Flying Circus is effectively donating hosting to the NixOS Foundation whereas before the foundation was paying Discourse.

There’s some parts in the ToS about paid for services and add-on HTTPs that seems out of place, @zimbatm.

The ToS and Privacy Policy will be updated to reflect the current state. The main change is that German laws apply on the host instead of US ones.


@zimbatm as @ryantm mentioned, there’s some awkward wording (“customers”) and questionable privacy policy - maybe this can be a chance to clean those up too?

Also, the policy might not be GDPR-compliant.

Let me know if you need any help with that!

Are you a lawyer by profession? Flying Circus is already on the case, let’s see what updates they suggest. The previous documents were just stock and I agree it’s a good time to review them so they reflect reality.

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Not at all, just someone who has taken care of making ToS GDPR-compliant before :slight_smile:

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