Tweag + Nix dev update #26

Hey everyone, some news from the Tweag Nix team:

Nix releases

@edolstra published Nix 2.7. The announcement post already describes, so I won’t detail it here, but makes sure to watch the video that @garbas and @tomberek (from Flox) recorded:

Nix improvements

  • @thufschmitt worked on making Nix helpfully display some suggestions when the user writes something that looks like a typo, be it on the command-line or in a Nix expression (#6205, #6216):
  • @edolstra started some work on impure derivations.
  • @layus has been working hard to improve the error locations by keeping more context in the evaluator (#6204)

Content-addressed derivations


  • @infinisil joined the shepherd team of RFC 101
  • @infinisil started contributing to npmlock2nix, trying to make it easier to patch some dependencies (#151)
  • @connorbaker worked towards upgrading the spark version available in nixpkgs (#160075)
  • @edolstra noticed that the nix profile command didn’t have any test, which he fixed in #6194, leading him to notice that it was broken with content-addressed derivation, which he fixed in #6197.


The first version of Nickel has been released (0.1.0)! Recent work has been directed toward making this release happen.

And that’s all, folks. The rest is already history


Woohoo! I think there are two likely improvements for this case:

Both give me huge performance improvement when GC store full of CA derivations.

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