Tweag+Nix dev update #51

Hello Nixers! For the start of this new week, here are some news from the Tweag Nix team since the previous update.




CUDA-related efforts

@ConnorBaker kept his tireless work on improving the state of CUDA in Nixpkgs. Do remember to check out CUDA Team Roadmap and Call for Sponsors if you haven’t already – all of the following work is done for or in relation to those efforts. Thank you to PDT Partners for the funding!

Teaching and documentation

  • Except for a short interruption for holidays, @infinisil steadily kept hosting the Nix hour, with help from @yoriksar.
  • A significant chunk of the team is planning on coming to NixCon, and submit talks on different topics there. Nothing to show yet, but some of our presentations will hopefully be deemed worthwhile :slightly_smiling_face:
  • @fricklerhandwerk continued work on Nix reference documentation, specifically on configuration options and builtins.derivation

Community work

That’s all folks!