What are your goals for 20.09?

In a similar vein to What are your goals for 20.03?, what are some goals people hope to get included in 20.09?


Working on a dotnet2nix project to use NuGet lockfiles and preparing a derivation to package applications using it. Then, I will work on packaging baget (a NuGet server application).

Will be working on this project during the first week of august, hope it’s going to be ready for 20.09 ! :slight_smile:


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
Hoping to get a good first release of resholved in so we can readily package interdependent shell projects.

I was actually thinking of doing this last night. xD

My goal is to have better support for the AMD platform, both Radeon and Ryzen:

  • GCN OpenCL support from the ROCm stack (together with Anthony Cowley). Done!
  • More of the ROCm stack?
  • Prism Wraith cooler LEDs. Done!
  • Better documentation for setting up Vulkan/OpenCL/VA-API on AMD/NVIDIA.

For most of these I already created PRs, so I am confident that they are ready for 20.09.


Perhaps not for 20.09 specifically, but my personal ambitions are:

  • keep ‘casually contributing’ fixes or packaging for things I use (e.g. finishing the inkcut packaging, and finding a way to package inkscape+inkcut integration once inkscape 1.0 is in)
  • contribute to reproducibility (https://r13y.com/, e.g. #74174)
  • tooling to make ‘casually contributing/maintaining’ more accessible (e.g. perhaps a way to get an overview of the issues/prs/build-failures of your ‘favourite’ packages)


You can find my post about the prototype I’ve made: Work in progress : dotnet2nix / builtDotNetProject helper.

If you have time to review it and give me some insight, that would be great. I’ve made a naive implementation (mostly inspired on what Go does with buildGoModule), it will be refined down the road.

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We’ve made a decent amount of progress with MKL/CUDA builds on the nix-data hydra. I’d love to set this up to test the alpha/beta of the release to identify broken packages.

It’d be very cool if we could automatically build all the reverse dependencies of these libraries so we could identify breakage during alpha/beta. If anyone knows how to write such a job set, please get in touch :).


My goals are:

  • Qt 5.15
  • Plasma 5.18
  • KDE Applications 20.08 (if available before freeze)

My goals: