Where's yubikey desktop gui for accessing one's TOTPs?

Hi, I’m looking for the GitHub - Yubico/yubioath-flutter: Yubico Authenticator for Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux) and Android app that’s pointed out by by Yubico’s docs as “yubico authenticator 6.0+”

It could be that the app hasn’t been packaged by nix yet, but I’d find that hard to believe and more likely that I just don’t know which of these nix package yubikey search-results contains the app I’m looking for.

doh. it’s the yubioath-flutter package; writing out my question made me realize I was searching for yubikey but maybe it’s only listed under yubico… and sure enough. Kind of dissapointed there’s not some metadata that caused the app to show up for yubikey keyword, but … whatever.

Hope this helps someone else! (and don’t forget to follow Yubikey - NixOS Wiki steps like enabling pcscd, which the yubico article also indicates)

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