WiFi problems only after installation

Recently installed NixOS, and in order to get WiFi working I had to add broadcom_sta (as shown here) and iwd (to environment.systemPackages) to the ISO. I applied the same changes to my installation, but the WiFi no longer works. Strangely, the card doesn’t even show up in ip link now. What could be going on?

After unloading some kernel modules and reloading wl (why?), the card appears to be working. For anyone with a card that requires this broadcom_sta driver, blacklist the following modules: b43 ssb brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma.

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Thank you. For anyone in the future, this solved problems with my Broadcom BCM43142.

Hey can you please share your configuration I also have the same BCM43142 on a Dell laptop it would be grateful I’m stuck for 2 days without internet