#05 - NixOS Weekly

News## Announcements- Makes

A DevSecOps framework powered by Nix and the NixOS module system. Our goal is to help people setup a powerful CI/CD system in just a few steps, in any provider, while lowering the barrier to entry for the community.

The Ongoing effort at bumping LLVM and macOS SDK.

Tutorials & Resources- terraform-provider-hydra

A Terraform provider for declaratively managing Hydra projects and jobsets, Determinate Systems’ first open source release.

A NixOS module to help run modded minecraft servers, as a Nix flake, as well as a simple rsync wrapper script to help manage remote state of such a server.

University lecture + assignment + tutorial on how to build a shell for the nix build sandbox with automated tests suite

Configured for Nix, it gives you pre-built, ephemeral reproducible development environments in the cloud.

Experimental attempt of packaging a demanding and somewhat complex (in terms of wine setup) wine application by dynamically creating a wine prefix from the nix store path of a generated wrapper script.

Or how to teach your initrd to add features to a filesystem on bootup.

A Nix Flake to build NixOS and run it on one of several KVM-Hypervisors (cloud-hypervisor, qemu, firecracker, kvmtool, crosvm).

Jobs- Seeking a Nix contractor

Contribute to NixOS Weekly

This work would not be possible without the many contributions of the community.

You can help too! Create or comment on the pull request for the next edition or look at the issue tracker to add other improvements.


Thank. I think there are some formatting issue with line jump, thought. (probably missing double line jump)

That university course to create a nix-build-shell is pretty cool.
I love in-depth Linux tutorials like that that demystify system behavior.

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