2023-11-25–26 (Saturday, Sunday) ZHF 23.11 hackathon and governance workshop – OST, Zürich (Rapperswil-Jona)

Hey everyone! Time is flying and we’re warmly inviting you the next hackathon and developer workshop in Zürich. This time around we will focus more on the hacking, but also plan to pick up on the recent discussions around community governance and project direction.

We invited leading contributors from the Nix ecosystem, to better learn to know each other, and work on hard problems together. Once again we also invited Elton Vecchietti from Modus Create to continue his invaluable UX workshop series. We expect to meet many participants again, to share and evaluate results from the activities planned in the last event in May 2023.

Expect hacking, knowledge sharing, discussions, and one or another strategic decision! Subscribe to nix-community/developer-workshop to participate in and stay up to date with planning and preparations.