Config Management Camp 2023 Ghent

Hey all, :wave:

Right after FOSDEM 2023, there’s another event called Config Management Camp which, I believe, is another great event for Nix & NixOS people to talk at. In CngMgmtCamp’s own words.

Config Management Camp is a conference for developers, system engineers, SRE, system administrators and all practitioners of Infrastructure as Code or Infrastructure Management.

We are looking for any open source topic relating to Infrastructure, including but not limited to Configuration Management, Infrastructure Orchestration, Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Automation, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

The main event is right after FOSDEM 2023 from 2023-02-05T23:00:00Z2023-02-06T23:00:00Z. There’s also a 3rth day, 2023-02-07T23:00:00Z which is reserved for fringe/workshops.

Their call for presentations is open until 2022-12-04T22:59:00Z.

Thank you, @evils, for reminding me about it. :blush:

Hosted by Flying Circus.