FOSDEM 2023: Nix and NixOS devroom

So, we got a devroom at FOSDEM 2023! :confetti_ball: This means you, the community, will have yet another chance to give talks about everything Nix! This will be, as far as we’re aware, the first time Nix got its own devroom at FOSDEM, and this in the same year Nix will celebrate its 20th birthday. So, let’s make it a good first edition. :smile:

FOSDEM is in their words,

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.

Sounds like a great place to meet, no? :wink:

Thanks to @matthewcroughan, @raitobezarius, @regnat, and @bjth for submitting devroom proposals. We found out that more than one group submitted for a devroom during NixCon. :sweat_smile:

Calls for Participation

We are looking for talks about Nix, use-cases of Nix or any related project. Do keep in mind however that FOSDEM being a community event, we won’t accept any vendor or sales pitch.

The talks can either be lightning talks (5 mins) or full-featured talks (20 mins). These include ~5 minutes of Q&A. The exact amount of time for a presentation might change according to how many presentations get submitted.

Practical Information

The CfP is hosted by FOSDEM themselves. Head over to Pentabarf, their CfP platform, and follow the instructions on the landing page. Most fields are optional, just make sure that you:

  • Set the “Track” to “Nix and NixOS”
  • Set the “Event type” to either “Lightning talk” or “Presentation”
  • Fill in the “Event Title” and “Short Abstract”

Should Pentabarf fail you, feel free to send us a mail with the relevant information to

  • Presentation proposals should be submitted before 2022-12-07, 23:59 CET. The list of accepted talks and the program will be announced on 2022-12-15.

  • FOSDEM takes place in Brussels on the first weekend of February 2023 (2023-02-04 and 2023-02-05).

  • The Nix devroom is set for 2023-02-05 in the afternoon (the precise time slot is still TBD, but it should start around 13:00 and end at 17:00).


Anyone’s planning on going to the event IRL? If there’s other Nixers going, I might start to make plans

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Glad to finally see a Nix presence at FOSDEM. I will definitely be there!


Wow, a dedicated room for the first time. That’s great news!

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Will be there too!
I went only once to a FOSDEM, it’s incredible!

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there’s also cfgmgmtcamp in nearby Ghent right after FOSDEM
that seems like an excellent audience to present Nix to

Hosted by Flying Circus.