FOSDEM 2023: Nix and NixOS devroom

we should go back there. if it still exists :wink:

In what area are people staying for FOSDEM? and for those staying for CfgMgmtCamp too, are you also gonna stay in Ghent or travel back to Brussels each day via the 30m train ride?

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I’m also interested since I was thinking of attending both events and I still have to book flights and accommodations. If someone is interested into sharing accommodations please ping me on Matrix
Related: does it exist a “private” nixers Matrix room like for latest NixCon? It was quite useful to meet each other (even outside the venue).

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I am happy to announce that the Chaos Computer Club Dresden (also known as C3D2 or Church of NixOS) will send a delegation of a handful of people in a proselytizing mission to Fosdem.


Can you create recordings of the Nix talks if possible?


FOSDEM takes care of that for us. We’ll send the recording links here once they made them available.

The talks should also be live-streamed. The link should (I hope :crossed_fingers: ) be available from FOSDEM 2023 - Nix and NixOS devroom once the event starts.


TL;DR: We couldn’t be happier with the first edition of the Nix and NixOS devroom at FOSDEM. It’s also pretty special since Nix celebrates its 20th birthday this year, which I completely forgot to mention in the devroom itself due to the excitement. :sweat_smile:

Firstly, the videos that were streamed during FOSDEM will be made available to watch on the Nix and NixOS devroom page once they are reviewed by the speakers.

I’d like to thank all the speakers for giving these outstanding presentations. To the people who attended: We underestimated the number of people that would show up, and are truly humbled by the enthusiasm and cooperation that everyone showed. We’d love to see this again next edition! :heart:

I know I already did it a million times by now, but I’ll do a million more. This devroom wouldn’t have been possible without the team effort of @RaitoBezarius, @JulienMalka, @matthewcroughan, and @regnat. Again, thanks for being wonderful team players. I hope we can organize the next edition of FOSDEM 2024 Nix and NixOS devroom as well. :blush:

Thank you all for the continued support! I’d love to see you all at upcoming Nix and NixOS events, and the next FOSDEM as well, of course. :wink:


Haha I see myself, funny picture, thanks for it !


Most of the talks now have recordings available on FOSDEM 2023 - Nix and NixOS devroom . Really nice as I wasn’t able to get into the crowded nixos devroom for everything I’d wanted to watch. Thanks for organizing this!

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