Fingerprint auth: gnome gdm won't allow typing password

tl;dr any ideas where to start debugging gdm not allowing text input for password? my websearches show no discussions of this issue

I’ve rebooted recently and found not only the wonkiness described in this issue but also that I cannot login without my fingerprint. That is: if I try to type with my keyboard, nothing happens. I can click on my username, and the text field comes into view, but its placeholder text is all that’s shown (ie: no blinking cursor, and nothing happens when I click on said text-field and then start typing).

I should probably find a gnome forum to post this in, but thought I’d start here since nixos is the only distro I’ve ever had fingerprint work on before.

Ah, found someone in this forum kindly linked to a nixos repo bug report about this already: Enabling `fprintd` prevents authentication with password in graphical applications · Issue #171136 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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